Monday, December 6, 2010

Zombie Time!

It's almost Christmas, and that can only mean one thing...

The Walking Dead season finale aired on AMC Sunday, which means we couldn't have planned it better to have Sean Yseult of White Zombie signing her new memoir, I'm in the Band, here on Tuesday night from 6-8pm. The folks at Sino Tequila will be mixing some drinks. Sorry, no zombies, just margaritas.

Below are some pics from our last two music-themed events. Friday, at the opening reception for the Winter Folk Art Show, we hosted the World-Wide Debut of James Slay & Carlos Grasso's new multi-media project, Dumfuxx. Coagula art journal gave the performance a rave review and included a YouTube link:

The following night we held a signing for Lesli Cabarga's Topless Summer Love Girls, which featured a Burlesque show and several incredible musical performances led by Will Ryan and the Cactus Cowboys including Ian Whitcomb, and Gunsmoke's Johnny Crawford!

On Sunday we held a signing for Joe Oesterle's Weird Hollywood and Muttpop's Fabien Mense. But this week we've got even more events that will challenge your work-week comfort zone:

On Thursday night we'll be hosting Adam Parfrey and the Feral House gang for a Winter Solstice Celebration. New ink from Genesis P. Orrige and others. Slide shows and total craziness is scheduled to ensue!

And by weeks end I'll be announcing something so ridiculous that you'll think I'm pulling the wool, but it will be True! Stay tuned!

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