Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Check out this crazy commercial!

TubeCoupon paid us a visit last year and filmed this video of the shop, the gallery and... me! There are some great shots of the Lou Beach, Sam Lubicz and Derek Harrison exhibitions that were on display at the time, and almost a full, two-minute highlight of La Luz de Jesus Gallery, Soap Plant and WACKO.

I think the promotion is over, but if you go to their site and print the coupon, I'll honor it. That will get you a 25% discount on any La Luz de Jesus Press publications or 20% off any Soap Plant branded bath products –great added incentive to attend the opening reception this Friday for Jason D'Aquino, GERMS, and Dave Lebow.

Previews can be accessed by clicking either their names or the poster above.

Friday, May 25, 2012

The Boys (and Girls) of Summer

Here's a little taste of what the next few months will be bringing. Our summer-into-fall schedule is amazing! With solo shows from Brad "Tiki Shark" Parker and Miles Thompson in July, José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros in August, and then Negativland in a three-way with our posthumous Neon Park and Chick Strand retrospectives in September, this summer at La Luz de Jesus will be like taking a very thorough survey course in Pop Surrealism history. It seems like every aspect of the movement is represented, from old school lowbrow to serious social commentary. Filling the back gallery in August will be the eight Laluzapalooza Jury Winners, who (between them) work in just about every medium imaginable. The images below will be appearing in volume 24 of Hi-Fructose Magazine, which should be hitting newsstands in the first week of July.


I've updated a few things on the calendar page as well, listing the line-up for the October Macabre Show, and adding preview page links to several of the shows listed above and below, and check out our events page, too. There's a killer Sunset Strip photography show happening in the last week of June for John Scarpati's Cramp, Slash & Burn –recalling the days when punk and glam were twins.

Also fully accessible are all three of the June shows:
Dave Lebow's End Time Visions preview page includes a tell-tale image that should clue-in most folks to the origin of the Doomsday paintings in his very first solo exhibition.

Germs' incredible La Luz de Jesus debut, Fasho, is now completely previewable and Jason D'Aquino's Phillumeny is mostly posted.   

Feel free to contact me for purchase info or to get listed for presales.

Director, La Luz de Jesus Gallery

Monday, May 21, 2012

Know What: The App That Loves WACKO!

The folks from the mobile phone app Know What? have chosen Wacko and La Luz de Jesus Gallery as prominent places of cultural significance in the city of Los Angeles. The clip above explains how the application works and why we're so cool (impatient viewers can fast forward to 1:53 - 2:36 for the segment that centers specifically on us). The In the Hallway and The Rogue Taxidermy Biennial exhibitions are featured prominently in the video, which reminds me that there's only one more week left to check out Rogue Taxidermy, so be sure to visit us ASAP. For our patrons with little ones, this exhibit can be a perfect gateway for explaining pet mortality to children in a light, even fun environment –and in the back bodega there are materials available for purchase that will allow kids and adults to create their own taxidermy masterpieces.