Monday, May 21, 2012

Know What: The App That Loves WACKO!

The folks from the mobile phone app Know What? have chosen Wacko and La Luz de Jesus Gallery as prominent places of cultural significance in the city of Los Angeles. The clip above explains how the application works and why we're so cool (impatient viewers can fast forward to 1:53 - 2:36 for the segment that centers specifically on us). The In the Hallway and The Rogue Taxidermy Biennial exhibitions are featured prominently in the video, which reminds me that there's only one more week left to check out Rogue Taxidermy, so be sure to visit us ASAP. For our patrons with little ones, this exhibit can be a perfect gateway for explaining pet mortality to children in a light, even fun environment –and in the back bodega there are materials available for purchase that will allow kids and adults to create their own taxidermy masterpieces.

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