Friday, February 8, 2013


After extending the Laluzapalooza submission deadline from December 31st to January 31st, Billy and I had to sort through over 15,000 images to select 220 or so paintings, drawings, sculptures, assemblages and (gasp) photographs.

Regular patrons will see a noticeable difference in the tone of the show, reflecting a shift toward labor-intensive work of all mediums. We've still got work from animators, tattooists, graphic designers and commercial illustrators, but this year we've also allowed photography and digital art. We didn't expect to change format so radically, but there were some pieces that suited our format so perfectly that we gave them a pass on the usual parameters. In fact, we're confident that there's a "WOW!" factor in this year's Laluzapalooza you won't see in any other group show.

This is, after all, a juried show opened to all artists, and with such a fierce, heightened calibre of competition, there just isn't room for everyone–whether veteran or newbie. Below is this year's Laluzapalooza roster. Congrats to you all!

Peter Adamyan
Jeannie Houston Antes
Susanne Apgar
Briana Bainbridge
Christopher Bales
Davidd Batalon
James Bentley ­
Michelle Bickford
Winifred Brewer
Michael Brown
Mark Bryan
Erin Burrell
Jeaneen Carlino
Victor Castillo
Adrian Cherry
JAW Cooper
Torii Cooper
Edward Robin Coronel
Matthew Couper
Robert Craig
Jessica Dalva
John de Fazio
Dave Dexter
Daniel Martin Diaz
James Dowlen
Mark Edward
Brice Eichelberger
Bruce Eichelberger
Angela Ellefson
Jessica Fife
Harold Fox
Don Fritz
Richard Frost
Mark Gleason
Steve Diet Goedde
Kim Gordon
Max Grundy
Sunny Gu
Walt Hall
Howard Hallis
Hanzel Haro
AshFord Harrison
Derek Harrison
Clare Hebert
Brett Herman
Andy Hernandez
Sam Ho
Scott Holloway
Jason Houchen
Jack Howe
Stephanie Inagaki
Jessica Joslin
Jason Justice
Brent Kallenbach
Shannon Keller
Billy Kheel
Jaesun Kim
Michael Kortez
Norbert Kox
Lindsey Kuhn
Zoe Lacchei
Mavis Leahy
Dave Lebow
Alexis Lopez
Lizz Lopez
Didu Losso
Carl Lozada
Dion Macellari
Apricot Mantle
D.W. Marino
Ofelia Marquez
Horacio Martinez
Mary Ancilla Martinez
Aya Masuda
Genie Melisande
Graham Moore
Click Mort
Lyle Motley
Emi Motokawa
Dustin Myers
David Natale
Ron Norman
Daisuke Okamoto
José Rodolfo Loaiza Ontiveros
Tammi Otis
Leah Parrent
Brian Poor
Matthew Price
Anthony Purcell
Eric Quezada
Cate Rangel
Bonni Reid
Billy Reynolds
Ave Rose
Ken Ruzic
Miguel Sanchez
Van Saro
Justin Schaefer
Kim Scott
Dale Sizer
Aniela Sobieski
Mike Sosnowski
Josh Stebbins
Sean Stepanoff
Anna Stump
Hui Tan
Treiops Treyfid
Pamela Tu
Christopher Umana
Eric Van Straaten
Dave Warshaw
Mirmy Winn
Jasmine Worth
Sandra Yagi
Mimi Yoon
Genevive Zacconi
Kim Zsebe

Laluzapalooza 2013 opens on March 1st at 8PM.
The exhibition will run the entire month, closing on Sunday, March 31st. As soon as the images are formatted for the website, I'll add links to this page and pre-sales will be possible. Some pieces have actually sold already (!) to enthusiastic collectors monitoring the facebook accounts and blogs of their favorite artists, so if you know you want something, shoot me an email and I'll see if I can't secure that purchase for you ahead of the masses.

Matt Kennedy, Director
La Luz de Jesus Gallery

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