Sunday, February 26, 2012

The LALUZAPALOOZA preview page is LIVE!!!!

This past week we hosted the debut of Billy's Thursday Night Fish Fry, and it was off the hook! Images can be found on the Friends of La Luz de Jesus Facebook page. But I don't have time to reveal any of the amazing revelations that exploded from this event, because an even more explosive event is happening right now as I type this: the LALUZAPALOOZA Preview Page is NOW LIVE!

I worked through the night to get the preview images and descriptions up for all the pieces we've received thus far. There are still a few on their way, but the overwhelming majority are online now. I'll be checking the email tomorrow, and answering inquiries in the order received. We will NOT BE ACCEPTING PHONE ORDERS until after noon on Monday, so click the link above and skim through the index for the work you've been waiting to see. But I should warn you that we've got more new names than ever before and there are some superstars in the making among them.

Now, I'm going to go home and sleep...


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