Thursday, February 2, 2012

Anthony Bourdain loves La Luz de Jesus Gallery!

Last August the crew from the Travel Network series The Layover paid us a visit and let us know that host Anthony Bourdain would be profiling the gallery and the shop and interviewing a few of us for our recommendations of the best bars, shops and things to do in Los Angeles. That episode has finally aired, and we found a link on youtube. At the 14:20 mark in the video above you can catch the cool clip that has seemingly run 100 times already, announcing La Luz de Jesus Gallery and WACKO as must stops in any visit to LA. We're all big Bourdain fans over here, so it was an honor to be recognized for a job well done. The clip above features art work by Jessicka Addams, Lou Beach, Alpha Lubicz, Miso, Click Mort, Jasmine Worth, Derek Harrison and Walt Hall as well as pieces by Danni Shinya Luo, Nathan Ota and Christopher Ulrich.

At the 9:25 mark of this second clip, you can see yours truly standing in the art hall in front of a group of paintings by Glenn Barr, with additional pieces by Van Saro, Simon Sotelo, Christine Wu, Frijol Boy and Lyle Motley also visible beside and behind me.

And speaking of Christine Wu, her sophomore exhibition, "Shhh..." opens Tomorrow (Friday, February 3, 2012). She's in the white room with Soey Milk, who'll be making her feature gallery debut after garnering some high profile coverage in Hi-Fructose and Blue Canvas.

The front gallery features 4 time feature artist Bonni Reid and local hero Matthew Bone, who has been building a name for himself among in-the-know celebs and collectors for quite some time. This is his first show with us, and we've already got him on the hook for future collaborations.

If Drew Struzen worked for Hustler Magazine instead of Lucasfilm, it might look something like this, but it wouldn't have Matthew's heart-on-his-sleeve love of comics, sci-fi and horror, which is what makes his paintings so alluring. Well that and his incredible technical skills.

The shop opens at 11 AM, but the gallery doesn't open until 8 PM. Sino Tequila will be making tasty cocktails and a crowd of the best looking, most talented people in Los Angeles will be here to appreciate the best damn show in town. So come join us!

And also mark your calendars for Valentine's Day (February 14th) at La Luz de Jesus. We've got a special book release, signing and exhibition for Danni Shinya Luo who will be celebrating her birthday with the release of her very first mass-market, hard-cover art volume.

Soft Candy: The Girls of Danni Shinya Luo (from Last Gasp) features an all new collection of pin-ups which we'll be displaying (for sale!) in the gallery for the remainder of the month. All of the drawings in the exhibit are published in the book -lending added provenance, and the first 100 books ordered will come with a signed book plate created specifically for this special occasion.

Nothing says "love" like a naked lady –am I right?

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