Monday, February 14, 2011

A Snow Yak Valentine

Mark Ryden & Marion Peck stayed and signed books until eight o'clock, as the Valentine's Day crowd lined-up around the corner on Rodney from Hollywood Blvd., half-way to Franklin. We saw pretty much every edition of each published book bearing the Ryden name, as Mark & Marion handed out chocolates to their fans and took occasional camera-phone pics to update their twitter accounts.

The first hundred or so folks got free, limited-edition lapel pins bearing Mark's Pink Lincoln and everyone got a free bookmark from Marion. I definitely ate more than my share of Russell Stover chocolates while updating the website with images from this coming Friday's Henry & Glenn Gang Bang art exhibition. Nobody does a holiday like the Rydens!

Thanks once again to Mark & Marion for the happiest Valentine's day on record! The crowd was incredibly enthusiastic and well-behaved, and it's safe to say that everybody had a wonderful time.

After having experienced Christmas and Valentine's Day with the Ryden's I can scarcely imagine what they've got in store for Easter...

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