Saturday, February 12, 2011

The King & Queen Shall Herald Cupid's Return!

You've probably seen our ad in the L.A. Weekly by now, but in case you haven't, Mark Ryden & Marion Peck will be holding a book signing on Monday, Valentine's Day from 5-7PM at La Luz de Jesus Gallery!

This is a first-come, first-serve dealio, so call and pre-order your books to be guaranteed a ticket to this event. You can bring your own items, but purchasers will be given preference in the line which is sure to wind around the block.

The Rules:

1. The line-up starts at 3PM
2. There is a three book limit.
3. All books must be signed to a specific reader.
4. Keep it brief.
5. Have fun.

The authors are only here for two hours, and we want to accommodate as many fans as possible, so we're enforcing a strict limit on the number of items you can get signed (three) and we want to keep the line moving, so don't get long winded when you get your turn with the King & Queen of Pop-Surrealism.

Tonight is the second Listening Party & Lecture with Charon's Pantheon architects Myron Conan Dyal and Jennifer Logan. The artists will meet and greet attendees from 6-7pm, and will be happy to sign your books during that time. At 7PM sharp a brief lecture will precede the performance of the complete audio transcendence, which is 70 minutes long. There will be no in-and-outs once the performance starts. If you need to leave in the middle, we ask that you do so quietly to respect the enjoyment of your fellow audience members, and bear in mind that you will not be allowed re-entry. So use the bathroom before the music starts. ;)

This Friday, February 18th, in honor of Henry Rollins 50th belated Birthday, La Luz de Jesus Gallery and those irreverent upstarts The Igloo Tornado will co-host the Henry and Glenn Gang Bang Art Show. Based around the hilarious comic book project, Henry & Glenn Forever, this exhibition contains new art from curators Tom Neely and Gin Stevens, as well as Coop, the Clayton Brothers, Johnny Ryan, Ed Luce, Eric Yahnker and Kaz, among others. Punk Rock cover bands Black Fag and Glenn will perform brief sets in the La Luz back patio. We've stocked up on copies of the book, which posits the timeless question: What if Henry and Glenn were more than just friends?

And with just under three weeks left until Artageddon, the Everything But the Kitschen Sync Annual Group Show volume 14 has been locked and loaded: the preview page is now live, and pre-sales are opened! Discover tomorrow's stars today and become a full-fledged patron to the arts for as little as a hundred bucks. There are over 225 pieces from over 120 artists. Paintings, drawings, sculpture, assemblage, functional, craft, musical instruments, silkscreens, art-dolls, dioramas and even lewd cross-stitching all share space in the most eagerly anticipated show of the year -now celebrating its fourteenth birthday and just as edgy as ever!

Head over to the Upcoming Exhibitions Calendar and check out some early posted previews, like Mark Gleason and Danni Shinya Luo's April comeback shows. We've also announced a few new additions to the coming schedule and highly recommend that you sign-up for the artist notification list of your choice.

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