Friday, June 13, 2014

Come get your coasters!

The coasters that will serve as the medium for all the pieces in our 2nd annual COASTER SHOW will be here on Friday, June 20th. Any artist who has previously exhibited will have an opportunity to pick up a few coasters on which to draw, paint, silkscreen, assemble, sculpt or otherwise create their art.

If you’ve never exhibited here before and want to be considered, just shoot us an email with “Coaster Show Candidate” in the subject line. You must include a link to (or examples of) your artwork, a telephone number and your mailing address. If we like what we see, you’ll have the opportunity to come and get some coasters.

  • The DUE DATE is August 20th for ALL completed pieces.
  • Don’t frame the work.
  • Make each piece an individual, stand-alone piece. It’s ok if they function as a series, but each piece should also function on its own.
  • The retail price of each piece can be anywhere between zero and $250.

This time we’ll be partnering with a handful of prestigious foreign galleries in order to include more international artists. This allows us to present work that our patrons might otherwise never get a chance to collect, while granting exhibition space to artists we couldn’t otherwise showcase.

Patrons with a purchase history will get advanced pre-sale privileges. So, if you’re a potential buyer who’s had an eye on something we’ve exhibited earlier this year, there’s still time to close out a sale and get on the preview list.  

The COASTER SHOW presents the rare opportunity to obtain multiple works from a variety of recognized fine artists at incredibly affordable prices and with very low shipping fees. International postage is generally $25, and domestic postage is rarely more than $10. But once the show is over, these pieces are gone for good–so don’t miss out!

We’re currently moving our site onto another server, so some galleries may not be visible. Please bear with us during this transition. If you have a question about a piece you saw on the website or in person, just shoot us an email and we’ll send you photos and info. The current June exhibitions are all on our facebook page, too.

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