Monday, August 12, 2013

Werner Herzog: The Best Video Art Piece of 2013

I worked on the home video releases of most of Werner Herzog's films when I worked at Anchor Bay Entertainment. The incredibly talented director has created a vehemently anti texting-while-driving PSA that is sure to make an impact among the target demographic of young people who will see it in their schools as part of an AT&T community outreach program. We've all done it, I'm sure. Luckily most of us have not had to deal with the consequences that would result from a fatality.

The film is 35 minutes long and sure to disturb. The film is titled "From One Second to the Next."

I don't claim to have permission of any kind to re-post it, but do so as a public service in the hope that video art this powerful is respected in the context of high art.

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  1. His video art installation, Hearsay of the Soul is incredible as well.