Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mark Ryden Hypes La Luz de Jesus!

On Monday, LA WEEKLY ran an interview with Mark Ryden in which he discussed his new album cover for Tyler the Creator, and sent a little love our way with this comment:

Mark Ryden photographed by Liz Huston

"For the longest time La Luz de Jesus was the only gallery that showed this art," wrote Ryden. "Then there was Roq la Rue in Seattle. At a certain point the movement exploded and now there are 'pop surrealist' or 'lowbrow' galleries everywhere. It seems like there are dozens just in L.A. now. I do think it is still growing, but not at the explosive rate of the last decade."

The article's writer, Eva Recinos, also wrote:

Ryden has displayed at La Luz de Jesus, an alternative Los Angeles gallery known for showing artists with varied styles, usually in the vein of pop surrealism, which draws from popular culture. Like Ryden, many artists who showed in the space -- among them Shag, Matt Groening and Don Ed Hardy -- later reached considerable success. The gallery exposed their distinct styles to the art world and Ryden witnessed the trend grow beyond the gallery.

It's always great to be recognized for one's achievements!

Incidentally, Don Ed Hardy will be returning to La Luz de Jesus Gallery on Wednesday June 26th from 6-9PM to sign his autobiography, Wear Your Dreams: My Life in Tattoos.

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