Monday, July 9, 2012

Tiki, Tats and Tarts!

Brad Parker & Miles Thomspon:
Two shows that blended nicely!
The La Luz de Jesus TIKI PARTY on Friday night was Smash Success!

Both Brad Parker and Miles Thompson experienced brisk sales all evening long in their dueling solo shows –each room complementing the next with matched themes of surf & sail.

Brad Parker stops to pose
with a longtime friend & patron
The summer gala was stockpiled with animators, other fine artists and tiki enthusiasts who had traveled as far as Hawaii to see in person the first Miles Thompson show since 2009, as well as witness the Tiki Shark himself, Brad Parker, who was able to include some awesome monster-themed skate decks mere hours before the exhibitions opened!
Miles is all smiles next to the proud
new owner of the showcard piece

Miles revisited the scene of his glory on Saturday to help a few patrons decide on which pieces to purchase and Brad returned on Sunday to host an audience of fans and students for an impromptu art talk that covered technique and tradition.

Our publicist Lee Joseph has posted some great photos from the opening on his Flickr account.

Shawn Barber & Danni Shinya Luo
Book Signing: Tuesday July 10th, 7-9PM

 While the holiday weekend is over and most have gotten back into the swing of the daily grind, I offer you a mid-week oasis of Tattoos and Trollops! I am speaking of course of the world premiere of Shawn Barber's latest art volume, Memoir as part of a two-person signing with Danni Shinya Luo, whose Soft Candy has finally arrived following her incredibly successful exhibition of the same name. Shawn's tattoo portraits and Danni's gorgeous girls seem like a great excuse to get out of the house again after the holiday weekend. Last Gasp Books is co-presenting this event tomorrow night (Tuesday, July 10th) which kicks of at 7 PM and runs until 9PM.

Miss Luo will have some of the sketches published in the book available for sale, too, so come on down and say, "Mahalo!

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