Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Joe Sorren progress shots and the TAX REFUND SALE!

Two weekends ago we opened two amazing exhibitions, each in their own space. In Gallery II we've got a Cakeland extravaganza from Bay Area artist Scott Hove. This is becoming something of a biennial April show. Here's some great footage of Scott on the Cooking Channel:

In the front gallery we debuted our first new Joe Sorren show in seven years! When the Rain Comes features seven new paintings (most of which have already sold), each of them museum worthy. I just received a set of work-in-progress shots from Joe, with his commentary beneath each image. The finished work, "Entwine" just happens to be available (as of this writing).

There was this one cool stage where it was all these fluid but crushed, broken hands; unfortunately no shots were taken of that stage, because, at the time, I thought it was ruined… Here is the start. On the far left you can see two figures, kinda… I just realized that the piece starts with two figures entwined, and also finishes that way. Weird.

(detail of the loose, two figures i was talking about, backs to us, looking out at the sea)

Then this:

then this, I felt like I was approaching where the painting needed to go, but …

… after taking a trip overseas with super painter, Eric White; when I got back, I couldn’t find my way back into the piece. Thus, the forest of broken-hands period of the painting, mentioned at the top. Then, after a little while of drying and some sandpaper to knock back the peaks, it shifted sideways to here:

then playing and developing…

and then... here it is finished:

Many thanks to Joe for letting me borrow this series from his excellent blog. The show will be viewable until Sunday, April 29th. We've also got some rare prints from his last exhibition at Billy Shire Fine Arts.

I just posted the new Art in the Hallway exhibition in time for our annual Tax Refund Sale. There are more pieces than are posted on the site, so get in touch with info on secondary market masterpieces from our very own Joe Sorren, Eric White, Danni Shinya Luo, Miriam Wosk, and many others. We'll be paying all the sales tax for you from today through Sunday on original art purchases, and we've issued a $50 shipping credit toward mailing pieces purchased out of state, so it's easier than ever to spend that Refund Money wisely. Call or email for info!

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