Saturday, September 3, 2011

Encyclopaedia of Hell Signing is now underway!

by Martin Olson
Book Signing: Saturday, Sept. 3, 6-9PM

What do Lemmy, Coop and Ben Vereen all have in common? They're here!

A tour de force of darkness, Encyclopaedia of Hell is a manual of Earth written by Lord Satan for his invading hordes of demons, complete with hundreds of unpleasant illustrations, diagrams, and a comprehensive and utterly repulsive dictionary of Earth terms.

Since the customs and mores of humanity are alien and inconceivable to demons, Satan wrote this strangely poetic military handbook for the enlightenment and edification of his demon armies. A masterpiece expressing Satan's hatred for humanity and himself, the Encyclopaedia includes "Techniques of Stalking and Eating Humans," "Methods of Canning Human Pus," and "Dicing and Slicing Orphaned Children."

Why the invasion? During the last century in particular, Hell has become seriously overcrowded. Satan needs more land mass for the damned and to use the human livestock to feed his hungry demon invaders. Since this book is the 666th commemorative edition, this Encyclopaedia contains special commemorative material.

Martin Olson's savage wit provides the firepower for a preposterous literary feat unaccomplished since Mark Twain passed—channeling the real voice of Satan. Over the past fifteen years, Olson has written and produced nine comedy specials, inflicted on the populace via CBS, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax, and A&E.

"[An inferno] is probably just where Martin Olson was sitting when tasked with translating The Encyclopedia of Hell. How he learned to speak demonic is anybody’s guess. What’s more puzzling is where Olson got the nerve to actually translate the text in the first place. After all, it is An Invasion Manual for Demons Concerning the Planet Earth and the Human Race Which Infests It. Hardly the kinda thing one wants to bring home to baby. Maybe Olson’s a demon himself. If you wanna learn how the evil see us, this Encyclopedia is all you’ll need."

– SunPost Weekly July 28, 2011 | John Hood

“The Encyclopaedia of Hell”
written by Martin Olson, illustrated by Tony Millionaire and Mahendra Singh. 2011. Paperback, 240 pages in English published by Feral House, ISBN-13: 978-1936239047

About The Author
Martin Olson has written and produced nine comedy specials, inflicted on the populace via CBS, HBO, Showtime, Cinemax and A&E. As a composer, he has been honored with a 2010 Emmy Nomination for Songwriting, a 2009 Emmy Nomination for Primetime Songwriting, and a 1997 Annie Award Nomination for Songwriting in an Animated Series. This is his first book.

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