Friday, August 26, 2011

The Whales of August and the Beach that Launched Them


This year's Kitschen Sync jury winners who were selected for expanded, highlight exhibitions delivered killer shows. Sales were brisk, steady and (in a word) phenomenal! We're throwing them a closing party tomorrow night (Saturday, August 27th 6-9PM) to show our appreciation for a job well done. Come on down and party with us. It'll be your last chance to buy pieces from Miso, Jasmine Worth, and Rodolfo Loaiza, who have only a single piece available each at this writing. Below are some pics form the opening that I never got a chance to post –been too busy selling art!

Jessicka Addams, Click Mort and Walt Hall have all sold through half or better of their works, too, and Derek Harrison has raised the bar on affordable, painterly work. The level of artistry within this month's exhibitions is indicative of Los Angeles' status as the new center of the contemporary art world. It's not often we get to pat ourselves on the backs, but this group of talent made it really easy for us.

The Lubicz family gave a veritable clinic in collage art this past month, and the patrons who have added their work to their collections include well known musicians, publishers and other artists. I give a standing ovation to Lou Beach, Alpha Lubicz and Sam Lubicz.

"Proud" doesn't even begin to describe how I personally feel about presenting this month's artists, but it'll have to do until we open next month's exhibitions of Rob Reger (creator of Emily the Strange) and Lauren Gardiner (exhibiting for her 8th time at La Luz de Jesus).

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