Saturday, June 4, 2011

Barr Association

Last night's Faces release party and opening reception for Glenn Barr was well certainly well attended –with many of the visitors being well known artists themselves. Photographers from Arrested Motion, Hi-Fructose and Coagula were busy snapping crowd pictures of exhibiting artists Glenn Barr and Lyle Motley flanked by fellow painters Shag, Chet Zar, Laurie Lipton, Anthony Ausgang, THH70, Steven Daily, Danni Shinya Luo, Adam Strange, Christine Wu, and a healthy crowd of collectors and fans.

I spotted a Huffington Post journalist shortly after Los Angeles kitsch-icon Angelyne managed to score a prime spot for her famous hot-pink corvette, right in front of the shop. The former billboard queen caused quite a commotion, which may or may not have contributed to a fender-bender at the corner of Hollywood and Rodney that lured a handful of TMZ reporters. Definitely not just another night in Hollywood!

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  1. an absolutely stellar night! the show was fantastic...Glenn was on point, as usual...Lyle's work very impressive, as well...and brilliant to get to meet Danni, as well as to speak to you, Matt, after closin' time...

    a wonderful night....congrats on such a handsome show!