Friday, April 8, 2011

TAX REFUND SALE brings interesting visitors!

Estonian gothic-lolita pop diva Kerli stopped by the gallery today to hang with a contest winner and check out the Danni Shinya Luo exhibition, Chaotic Harmony. Kerli bought some items in the shop (including that stuffed, tiger head pillow) and we discussed hosting a musical performance in the not-so-distant future. Her videos on YouTube are pretty extravagant, and have collectively drawn over 12 million views. I'll keep you posted as the gig develops!

If you're not subscribing to our newsletter, get on it. We've already sold some key pieces from the TAX REFUND SALE! But there are still killer pieces from David Choe, Camille Rose Garcia, Biskup, Baseman and others!

La Luz de Jesus has also been granted access to the single most impressive collection of self-taught and outsider art in America. I can't name names, but there are some real national treasures here, including work from Smithsonian Exhibited artists.
Call the gallery director for details (323) 666-7667.

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