Thursday, October 14, 2010

From the King of Lowbrow...

"...I've been coming to this place for 47 years and believe me, 10 years ago you couldn't have this kind of art in this venue. Abstract expressionism (and) Conceptualism ruled here right up until recently. If you come here and you take this for granted you are making a big mistake, because a lot had to change in this country to have a show like this. I just want to thank all of you people and I'm just, overwhelmed, absolutely overwhelmed. "
- Robert Williams upon receiving a Lifetime Achievement Award at Beyond Eden

"We're honoring one of the world's most foremost artists of today. Not only is he a great storyteller, but a great painter."
- Billy Shire on Robert Williams at Beyond Eden 2010

In case you missed last weekend's Beyond Eden Art Fair at historic Barnsdall Park, the video above captures the Award Ceremony for Lifetime Achievement recipient Robert Williams. There were over 3,000 attendees and in addition to chairing the awards counsel, La Luz de Jesus Gallery had an exhibition space (and a project room) to showcase 14 artists who've each made an impact on the contemporary post-pop landscape of Los Angeles, where each of them resides.

The event was covered by the LA Times, and reports have since popped up on the Hi-fructose blog, and literally hundreds if not thousands of others.

Here are some pics:

Mark Bodnar (left) guards the doorway out to Christopher Ulrich's Illuminator series

A whole wall of Christopher Ulrich's Illuminator.

Ana Bagayan and Laurie Lipton flank the centerpiece of Illuminator: "Humility."

Jennifer Jelenski's free standing triptych.

Three new Mark Todd paintings.

Damian Fulton does a little live painting on four decks in the Black Flag vein.

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