Monday, August 30, 2010

Installing the next show already!

Christopher Ulrich gave a great lecture yesterday about his artistic process and regarding the impact of fables on art. Afterwards, most of the die-hard Ulrich fans headed over to Umami Burger for a tasty dinner and to reflect on the wonder and spectacle that was Illuminator: The Royal Wedding.

Today the work is off the walls, but if you didn't get to see it, about half of the paintings from the series will be on display October 9 & 10 at the Beyond Eden Contemporary Art Fair inside the L.A. Municipal Art Gallery within historic Barnsdall Park.

Right now, we are preparing the next installation of Nathan Ota's An Unforeseen Homecoming. Nathan stopped by the shop today to help layout the show and let us know that American Illustration has included his work from this Friday's show in their upcoming published annual. Earlier this morning I received a phone call from the Hollywood Arts Counsel requesting images from Nathan and also from Yumiko Kayukawa's 49 Days series for print in their quarterly magazine, so this Friday (September 3rd) will be another great show. Don't forget that we'll be giving away posters to the first 100 people here at 7PM on Friday night, and both Nathan and Yumiko will be signing them. They were produced specifically for this occasion, which is sponsored by Sino Tequila. I'd like to give a special shout out to our pal Spanky Stokes who will be celebrating his birthday that evening and is completely open to someone buying him a Nathan Ota painting as a B-Day gift.

Pre-sale options are available for these shows and many others on our calendar, and there are still works available from several of the recent exhibitions, so browse the site and give me a call on the gallery line: (323) 666-7667. Ask for Matt!

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