Tuesday, June 8, 2010

All the small things...

On Friday night Rick Araluce debuted his latest collection of painstakingly crafted miniatures -his first area exhibition in over a decade and a half. There hasn't been an art event this important in a good long time, and the names that come to mind by way of comparison are Koons, Hirst, Murakami and Ruscha.

If you haven't visited the New La Luz de Jesus, you really need to get in here!

Rick's miniature masterpieces are crafted with a level of detail that would drive lesser (ie. most) men mad. Handwritten letters are rendered in nano script. Wallpaper, tiles and bricks are each designed by hand to maintain the illusion achieved in these micro-scale decors. Araluce has built working light switches, bulbs and clocks that wouldn't dwarf an insect, and designed end pages for books stacked 42 high, barely thick as a thumbnail. He makes everything -including the boxes that house the pieces, by hand. Inside the opened doorway of the piece pictured is a microscopic painting, that can only be seen from the extreme left side. Rest assured that tiny is the next big thing!

Also on display are works by Bonni Reid, JAW Cooper, Jessica Dalva, and Krystopher Sapp (who also has a piece in the 100 Artists See Satan fundraiser at Grand Central Art

On Thursday, from 6-9PM we'll be hosting a book signing for L.A. Weekly "Night Ranger" columnist Lina Lecaro's Los Angeles's Best Dive Bars, a testimonial to this city's best watering holes. This event will feature special guests and special cocktail concoctions courtesy of Sino Tequila.

In Los Angeles’ Best Dive Bars, you’ll get the scoop and the poop on the city’s liveliest, lowlife n’ liquor-soaked landmarks. This essential booze bible has the lowdown on which bars serve free food, which have great—and not so great—karaoke, bars that appear in your favorite movies and much, much more. Whether you’re looking for a friendly spot where “everybody knows your name,” a filthy blackened cave where nobody ever will, a gently-gentrified hole specked with dive-obsessed hipsters or a dusty relic full of hip-replacements, you’re sure to find a spot to soak up—and get soaked in—here in these pages.

And we know how to party! Check out these shots from Friday night's opening. The steely-eyed among you may notice (in addition to the artists whose work was on display) Billy Shire, Robert Williams, Nathan Ota, Andrew Hem, Jon Beinart, Daniel Lim, Misato Otake, and a few other La Luz de Jesus Alumni.

Photo credit: Isabele Craik

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