Monday, May 10, 2010

Rogue Taxidermy on CBS/KCAL & KTLA News!

The Rogue Taxidermy Exhibit (which runs through May 30th) was covered by KCAL 9 and KCBS 2 this weekend! Click here or the Liz McGrath image at left to link to a video of that news clip hosted by Rita Garcia. Click here for the KTLA 5 clip with Dave Malkoff.

That report includes a brief tour of the show and highlight's Brian Poor's incredible, animated, mechanical/taxidermy hybrid, "Deerhead Chingadera," mentioning his most famous collector, who can be seen on video here at the time of that purchase.

The Rogue Taxidermy opening on Friday, May 7th was huge, and as promised, here are some photos:

The Live Taxidermy Masterclass and Squirrel chili gamefeed were just as busy the following evening (Saturday, May 8th), and a whole new collection of famous faces stopped by to shop, chat and view the exhibition, ranging from rockers Glenn Danzig and Billy Corgan to Oscar Winner Christoph Waltz!

Jeanie M's mouse dissection and Scott Bibus' squirrel autopsy were succeeded by Miss Winter Rosebudd's tasty squirrel chili banquet. A vegan option was supplied by guest curator Robert Marbury, and the brewskis were supplied by Schmaltz.
And if you're wondering what squirrel tastes like? It tastes like chicken.

*Special thanks to Lee Joseph for supplying all the photos.

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  1. Could you do a Duluth show maybe? We would like it!

    Bruce Woodman