Monday, April 19, 2010

Christopher Ulrich's Demoneater

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Christopher Ulrich is a painter of surreal, iconographic images. He is influenced by the richness of ancient mythology, the mystery of alchemy, and the vastness of cosmic reality. Illuminating this dark journey with insight, heart and determination he strives to understand the unraveling revelation that reveals itself in the work. Christopher began his exhibition life with the first of three major experiments, The Demoneater Series, which has been published as a prestige edition, hardcover book. Demoneater consists of 15 “Keys” to 15 “Doors,” all of which depict black, mirrored reflections of a single character. This alchemical allegory was first shown at the Bergamot Station on November the 2nd (Day of the Dead) 2007, exhibiting through January 2008. The series is being presented again at the Grand Central Art Center Museum at CSUF, and this time the works are available for purchase.

These works are puzzle pieces to a greater whole: a grand tapestry called The Christ Chronocrator Project. After creating new works for a monthly series of group showings, Christopher opened a new exhibition of large format paintings and small illustrations in conjunction with new works by Carrie Ann Baade and KS Rives at Billy Shire Fine Arts. "The Fourth Enochian Key" ran from June 14th through July 4th, 2009. Ulrich has since begun work on the second series of his alchemical masterwork entitled, "Illuminator: The Royal Wedding," which debuts at La Luz de Jesus Gallery on August 6, 2010.

All Doors measure 48" x 96" and are priced $6000.00 each. All Keys measure 24" x 24" and are priced $2000.00 each. All paintings are oil on framed panel. Frames add an additional two inches all around. Contact me (Matt Kennedy) for availability and purchase info: (323) 297-0600

These masterpieces have all been published and now have museum pedigree. Ulrich's work is in several very prominent collections, making these few available paintings an absolute steal. With the Demoneater retrospective opening on May Day (May 1st), and Illuminator debuting on August 6th, this will be the summer of Ulrich!

Also showing at the Grand Central Art Center at CSUF is artist in residence, Laurie Lipton, who will launch her "Machine Punk" exhibition at La Luz de Jesus Gallery on November 5th. We're super excited to be working with Laurie who will also have a piece in the Lowbrow Tarot Project. That exhibition will feature several La Luz de Jesus alumni, like Christopher Ulrich, Chris Mars, Jessica Joslin, Daniel Martin Diaz, Carrie Ann Baade, Danni Shinya Luo, Jennybird Alcantara, Heather Watts, Scott G. Brooks, and Patrick "Star27" Deignan. Some of the additional talent includes Matthew Bone, Brian Viveros, Kris Kuksi, Chet Zar, Molly Crabapple, and several others, gathered by guest curator Aunia Kahn!

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